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Here at GBG BABE we are always growing and expanding. We now have a podcast available on multiple outlets such as Apple, Spotify, Anchor just to name a few. We have also launched a YouTube Channel by the same name. We are starting out on this venture so bear with us as we learn the ropes of this wonderful journey we are embarking on. 

A Podcast for Women, by Women to Empower Women! We will talk about all those things that make us who we are and at the same time learn from each other, inspire each other and support each other on this roller coaster journey called life! You will come to see we all have more in common that you may think! So stay tuned and don’t ever forget to “Be Bold. Be Different. Be You”

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Our mission is to support and share other women businesses that are small or big, starting out or have been in the game awhile now. All to often women have a hard time supporting each other for whatever reason, this podcast will prove that not everyone is the same. If you have a small or big business and want to be featured be sure to send us an email at, find us on FB @GBGBABE and on Instagram @GBG_BABE. There are many ways to get in contact with us and have you be put in the spotlight, hopefully sending potential customers or clients your way. There is no catch either Lol, we want to do this because we feel passionate about helping each other out. Come back weekly for new guest, new topics and a new shout outs!!! 

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