a Website to Support Other Women Entrepreneurs!!!

I started the Podcast and YouTube channel and now the website because I noticed that as a small business owner, no one wanted to support or like the business in the beginning stages, even "friends" had a  hard time it seems to push that "like" button for anything that I posted that was related to my business but if I posted a silly meme I'd get tons of likes; and it got me thinking, why do women find it hard to support other women? I never asked anyone to purchase anything, I was looking for a simple like, or follow, or even just a share. 

I am someone who loves to support the dreams of other entrepreneurs, we all start out small. Even GUCCI started out small once upon a time. My mission is to support and talk about other businesses that are driven by women. Lets support each other and help each other grow, in the end you will realize that we have more in common than you may think and could learn something along the way.

So go by and check out this small community that is slowly growing, if you are someone with a small business feel free to contact us via email, comment, or call and leave a message and well make sure to feature you on one of our platforms. 


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